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About Us


Dream Earth is built after long years of dreams, run by a farmer's daughter after quitting her IT job. We are here to help gardeners to fulfil their needs. This gardening store will help new beginners to experts.

Ready to do gardening but stuck in the question of where to start? we are here to help you.

You can buy things you need for farming and you can also suggest products which you need, As a developing company and we are happy to learn new things.

Go Ahead and check products that you can find useful for your garden.



Knowing something about me is very important before diving in.

It would be like a resume, but do not worry, I tried in a very short way of introducing myself, So bear some time to know about me.

I am Kanmani. I am from a farming family in the small village of Kavunji near Kodaikanal (Princess of Hills).

Completed B.Tech IT in Coimbatore.

Worked as an Aptitude and soft skill trainer in a reputed company.

Then jumped into a different job as a Market Research Associate in a US-based Company.

After that, came an accidental event in every girl's life "Marriage"

Got married to a caring and supportive person in Kangeyam and We moved to Chennai to sustain our life.

That's it. Sounds good right? Fine we will move on...


Now I will tell you the reason to start my company.

It is a long-time dream to start an online business. After some research, I came to know that is called an ''Ecommerce business''. I am excited to share with you all the dreams that came true moment. Let's get started...


Where it all started?

My Family business was Farming based in Kodaikanal, We grow vegetables and fruits and we are also into horticulture since 2005. We grow decorative flowers and send them to markets all over India. We use organic manure to grow and the quality will be very good.

That was so Interesting, But my aim is to retail our products, so I thought

"Why can't we sell our products to customers in my very own online Store?".

Answering this question I started researching many ideas, studied many courses, and finally founded this DREAM EARTH to sell all gardening products along with the decorative flowers we are growing. Here's how it all started and I am still in the progress to learn new things and serve many customers.

Why Gardening Products?

When I moved to Chennai It was a different lifestyle.

I will give you an example for better understanding,

In my hometown If we need some carrots and veggies for salads, we will pick them up directly from the farm to consume on the same day. But here It will take a minimum of three days to be in our baskets.

To solve this, I thought to encourage people to grow their stuff.

From here it all started. I started growing my veggies in my home and in the same way I am excited to help others too...

"Grow and make others grow is my main motto"

All my products are handpicked by me in good markets.

"Don t hesitate, place an order and Enjoy Gardening"



                                                                                                                                                                            With Love,

                                                                                                                                                     Kanmani Deepanraj

                                                                                                                                                              Founder -Dream Earth

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